Asian Outsourcing Made Easy

Custom Sewn Goods Made to Your Specifications

Sourcing custom sewn goods in China

We outsource sewing services direct from China. Our long-established and extensive network of offshore factory-partners provides our clients with access to a wide variety of contract sewing expertise from Chinese manufacturers. Clients only need to communicate with our US agents, but will have the benefits of the cost savings & quality workmanship from offshore outsourcing from Asia.

Don’t go at it alone…

O’Kane Global Sourcing has been sourcing custom sewn goods in Asia since 2000. We work with our clients by matching their unique production needs with the best possible China sewing factories. We manage the entire process from start to finish, by first identifying the best factories to quote each job. The next step is negotiating the best (fair) price possible. We complete the process by monitoring the quality of the goods during production, and then managing the ocean logistics, customs clearances and local delivery right to your door. Our services and our total commitment to customer satisfaction help level the playing field by giving our customers access to low cost, high quality China contract sewing.